Age of wind 3 + MOD

Battle pirates from all over the world in the most epic Multiplayer battle game ever!!!
the ruthless life of a battleship pirate: Sail the seven seas and
complete quests, roam the tropical bays, trade exotic goods and use them
to create devastating super cool weapons. Improve your skills and
control over your battleships, raid cities and merchant ships, steal
their gold and battle other pirates online to become the greatest pirate
of all!
Special features:

*Multiplayer battles: against random pirates online or a Facebook friend
*Co-op Survival mode
*Pirate tavern mini games: knife game or dice
*Huge game map with more than 35 ports and bays
*New special weapons, abilities and upgrades
*Magnificent battle ships and crazy achievements

Feature MOD:

- Gold / Trophies

Download Links

[Apk Mod 2.1.3 - 87 MB]

[Playstore Link]

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